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What We Do

Born out of a passion for style and creating beautiful moments, Social Settings offers a boutique tablescape design service across the Annapolis area and beyond. Blending our unique creative flair with a keen attention to detail, we design luxury picnics and small scale events with a focus on the big moments – leaving you and your loved ones with a picture perfect party without the planning. Whether it be a romantic date night or marriage proposal on the beach, a boozy brunch with girlfriends in your backyard, a holiday dinner party for extended family, or a sweet baby shower in the park- our team is dedicated to creating a memorable experience, designed just the way you want it. 


Why We Do It

After a difficult year of stay-at-home orders, social distancing, and lots of isolation, we’ve gained a new understanding for the importance of living for the moment and not waiting. Not waiting for big things, like making time for your loved ones or telling someone how much they mean to you. But also, not waiting to do little everyday things like breaking out the nice serve-ware, popping that bottle of champagne, or wearing the pretty dress that's been hanging in your closet. What better time than now to take our newfound perspective and gratitude to find joy and beauty in those everyday moments?


When we look back on good times in our lives, so many of them take place around a table with the people that we love. Eating your favorite meal and telling stories with your parents and siblings, laughing with friends over a glass of wine. At Social Settings, our goal is to create the perfect ambiance to allow you to simply sit and enjoy beautiful moments with the people that you love. You bring your people; we’ll bring everything else.

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